The Troll Wall –Trollveggen is Europe’s tallest vertical mountain wall and incorporates Europe’s longest climbing route, where adventurous climbers spend the night in the mountain wall. The wall is part of the Trolltindene mountain range in Rauma in Møre and Romsdal. The wall stretches 1700 meters to the bottom of the valley and there are straight drops of 1000 meters The mountain called Trolltindeggen pushes 50 meters out from the wall. Prior to 1965, no one thought it was possible to ascend the Trollveggen mountain wall, until a group of Norwegian climbers and a separate group of English climbers proved everyone wrong. It took them 14 days to reach the peak using two different routes. Through recent decades several more routes have been scaled during the winter.

Summit Junkie - Troll Wall-Trollveggen