The ‘Devils Kitchen’ or ‘’Twll Du’ in Welsh (Black Hole) stands guard over the southern head of Llyn Idwel, nestling in the heart of Cwm Idwal. It is an impressive and sometimes eerie sight for those choose to assail this way to summit Glyder Fawr and its smaller brother Glyder Fach. The route is via the seemingly menacing entry via two huge flanks of rock which appear to guard the entrance to The Devils Kitchen. After a fairly easy scramble through this vault the spirited climber is rewarded by the sight of a picturesque yet secluded lake known as Llyn Cwn. To the left of Devil’s Kitchen are the Idwal Slabs and the Idwal Buttress, which sit just below the Senior’s Ridge. This is an area popular with rock climbers in the summer and is also popular with experienced ice climbers in the winter months.