This famous mountain massif of the Dolomites is located in the heart of the Puez-Odle Nature Park. The main peak is Sass Rigais, which is 3,025 m high which can be scaled both from the Val Gardena and the Val di Funes, via a fixed-rope route starting in Santa Maddalena.

Other important peaks of the impressive Odle Group are  Sass da l’Ega (2,924 m.), Sas de Mesdì (2,762 m ), the Funes Pinnacle (2,834 m) and Mt. Furchetta (3,025 m), Mt. Odla di Valdussa (2,936 ) and Mt. Odla di Funes (2,800 ) as well as the Big Fermada (2,873) and the Small Fermeda (2,814 m).